Russell Higgins – 4 Star Senior Parelli Instructor

Russell is a Licensed 4 Star Senior Parelli Instructor and Horse Development Specialist. He lives in Te Awamutu, New Zealand with 3 Star Parelli Instructor Ruth Carlyle at their specialist horsemanship centre, Brumby Farm. They teach one to five day camps and clinics for all levels at Brumby Farm and throughout NZ, Australia, the UK, South Africa and Europe.

Not long after his ‘Parelli discovery’ in 1998 while studying Equine Management at Waikato Polytechnic, Russell was offered the opportunity to study with the Parelli’s for 18 months as one of Pat’s handpicked apprentices. In 2000 Russell returned to NZ as a Parelli Professional. Since then he has established himself as one of the longest serving instructors and has taught at all of the international Parelli centres and has taught in 13 different countries.



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