Young horse training

The right start isn’t something… it’s everything! Would you like a calm, confident, safe and willing riding partner? This is Russell’s specialty. Starting a relationship so you, the owner, can develop a successful partnership.

Russell is a Parelli Certified Young Horse trainer and has been starting horses professionally for the last 12 years in New Zealand, Australia, UK and the USA.

Terms and conditions

PRICING: Earlybird prices only apply when payment is received by date due specified, otherwise the higher fee applies or the reservation may be turned over to the next student on the waiting list. When paying the regular price for courses payment is required by the due date specified prior to attending course.CANCELLATIONS: We reserve the right to cancel a course due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. You will be entitled to a full refund or the option to transfer.
OTHER COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Indeminity forms will be provided by the course organiser and and required to be completed before the commencement of the coures. No dogs permitted. We request that helmets are worn while riding and appropriate footwear is required at all times during your course.
GIFT CERTIFICATES: are available for purchase from Russell Higgins upon request.

Equine early learning

The 30 hour horse starting process includes:
• ground manners and rapport
• Parelli Seven Games
• confidence going over/through obstacles
• grooming, hosing and hoof handling
• trailer (float) loading and tying
• saddling (online but not tied)
• transitions through all gaits
• ridden in Parelli hackamore
• ridden in Parelli snaffle bridle on request
• regular updates on your horse’s progress
• opportunity to watch a training session
• hand over lesson (Typically this includes ground and riding skills, and a ride out to the Waikato River.)

Foundation training is for horses that have already been started under saddle. This involves developing your horse through levels 1 to 4. A solid foundation sets your horse up for specialisation and develops them mentally, emotionally and physically to reach their full potential.

Russell takes horses for both short and long-term foundation training depending on your needs and his availability.

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