Learning Parelli

Accelerate your partnership… participate with your horse and gain valuable ‘hands on’ experience. If you are new to Parelli, we welcome spectators too. This is a great way to gain an introduction to the programme, meet like-minded people, and there is the opportunity to participate in the Q&A and occasionally simulations. There are 10 Levels that lead to the mastery of natural horsemanship, but Levels 1 – 4 are the foundation for you and your horse.

Colt Starting and Foundation Training

Learning formats

One day workshops involve up to 10 participants. Dive into the details for a short period of time;this is a great place to start.

Two-three day course with two teaching sessions each day. The morning sessions will emphasize theory and simulations and ground work to advance your skills. The afternoons will be more about practical skills, advancement and riding.

Five full days of savvy immersion with two teaching sessions each day. Format is subject to the level of camp.

Lessons can be incredibly rewarding, however they tend to be of more benefit to the advanced student or for a specific or extreme problem that requires Russells one-on-one consultation.

Distance Learning

Russell will be your personal progression coach and will be available to you via Skype call between just you and Russell using YouTube and Skype.

Terms and conditions

PRICING: Earlybird prices only apply when payment is received by date due specified, otherwise the higher fee applies or the reservation may be turned over to the next student on the waiting list. When paying the regular price for courses payment is required by the due date specified prior to attending course.CANCELLATIONS: We reserve the right to cancel a course due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. You will be entitled to a full refund or the option to transfer.
OTHER COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Indeminity forms will be provided by the course organiser and and required to be completed before the commencement of the coures. No dogs permitted. We request that helmets are worn while riding and appropriate footwear is required at all times during your course.
GIFT CERTIFICATES: are available for purchase from Russell Higgins upon request.

Learning Pathways

Our aim is to make the pathway to Level  1 about safety and communication, and it focuses on developing a language and earning respect with your horse on the ground. Playing the Parelli Seven Games with your horse On Line – the first of the Four Savvys, or areas of study – teaches you how to read horses and build strong relationships based on love, language, and leadership.

Level 2 is about confidence and fun, and will introduce the second Savvy – FreeStyle riding. You’ll learn how riding without contact helps horses become more responsible, self-controlled, and relaxed, and you’ll take your On Line skills to another level of understanding. You’ll be surprised at how much fun you’ll be having playing on the ground. The first two Levels are offered together because we don’t want you to get trapped in Level 1. It’s easy to get caught up in the details when you’re first starting, but we want to make sure you keep moving forward…otherwise you’ll end up boring your horse, and yourself.

Level 3 is about skill and excellence. It delves into more advanced On Line and FreeStyle concepts, then introduces Liberty – the ultimate test of trust and bond. When you play with your horse on the ground without a halter or lead rope, the only thing left is the truth. The relationship, savvy and refinement you’ll learn in Level 3 will take you to a level of excellence that most people only dream about.

Level 4 is about the fundamentals of performance – developing all Four Savvys to a spectacular expression of expertise. The fourth Savvy is Finesse – the art of riding with contact and collection – and it is one of the hardest things to do well with horses. Learning to prepare your horse with a solid foundation of all Four Savvys will help you achieve high levels of performance without sacrificing the relationship you’ve built with your horse.